Why We Created These Posts for You

Our most successful Promoters take action on day one.

It's much easier to take action if you have a step-by-step plan.

The first 5 posts are like the "grand opening" for your business.

The best part is that they're crafted in a way that gets people reaching out to you for more information.




Jessie Lee, the Retra Social Media Coach, says that there is a 3-step process for getting new customers and team members:

  1. Attract - By posting on social media or reaching out to people you know.
  2. Connect - Use our sales pages, videos, and tools to connect them with more information.
  3. Enroll - Share your link for them to enroll as a customer or Promoter.

You can use social media to ATTRACT potential customers by posting wisely and methodically.

1. ATTRACT: Share Your First 5 Posts

Post at least once per day for 5 consecutive days. You can download our images to share or you can use your own.

IMPORTANT: Don't share the name of the product, company, or link to your Retra website in your posts or comments. If someone asks a question, reach out to them privately to answer it.

1. Post a Selfie

Take a selfie and share the following caption:

Hello, friends and family! I'm excited because I just started something new. I am grateful to be a part of it and I can't wait to share more with you all!

2. Day One

Share your results from your first day drinking R:ZIP:

Day 1 and I already feel the difference. I haven't felt this good for a long time!


3. Share a Picture From Your Day

Feeling energized and happy because of my new drink. How's your day going?

4. Testimonial

I saw this post from my friend, Jennifer, and I had to share. She's drinking the same product as me and her results are amazing!


5. Share Your Results

For the past week, I've added something new to my morning routine. Here's what I've noticed so far:

✅ I have more energy to keep up with my kids
✅ I've lost 2 pounds and my clothes are looser
✅ My hair and nails are feeling healthier
✅ I've been in a great mood


Once you've completed your first 5 posts, click to access the full Retra Social Marketing Library.

2. CONNECT: Use the Tools to Answer Questions


To share more information about R:ZIP, share the R:ZIP Sales Page via the Mobile App or Back Office (you can find it on the dashboard under Onboarding Resources).

To share more information about the Retra Opportunity, share the Opportunity Funnel Page.

3. ENROLL: Getting People Started

Once you've answered all of their questions, it's time to ask them if they're ready to get started.

You can find the link to your Retra website in your welcome email.

Don't forget about the 10% discount we offer for new VIP Customers. Share code VIP10 for this discount.


Jessie Lee (aka BossLee) is the number one Network Marketer in the world, multiple 7-figure annual earner, serial entrepreneur, investor, traditional business owner, business coach and podcaster.

Jessie has put together an exclusive coaching program just for Retra Promoters.

"I am grateful that Retra has invested in my social media knowledge. Jessie's training has taught me so much!"

Jennifer (Retra Promoter)

"Jessie's training opened my eyes to a whole new world beyond traditional MLM meetings."

Tony (Retra Promoter)


There are 3 steps to become eligible to participate in Jessie's training (and the weekly community Zoom calls):

1. Make your first 5 social media posts

2. Enroll 2 Retra customers

3. Send an email to [email protected] to request access to the training